August 31, 2021

Guiding Principles for Athletes on Their Running Journey’s

When it’s so easy to overthink your training, when you feel burned out or off your game, remember to keep things simple. Follow these guiding principles to get back on track!

Guiding Principles:

-You are amazing. You are enough just how you are.

-Run easy.

-Consistency over time trumps all. Even if that means just 30 minutes a day for years.

-Eat enough, always.

-Training is most productive when you feel good.

-Pick goals that reflect your values and your WHY.

-Use intermediate goals to build toward big dreams over years. There is no rush!

-Consider a mastery approach. Anything worth doing is worth spending years on.

-When things get tough, lean on your passions and double down on the things that express who you are.

-Life/Hills never get easier, you just get stronger!