A holistic, human-first approach that combines evidence backed training principles with accountability coaching through daily check-ins with your coach, a positive and supportive community and access to an entire team of multidisciplinary coaches, nutrition and mental health experts to help you set and reach your goals.

The Training.

Our athletes train at low intensities 80-90% of the time to target aerobic growth and the important physiological responses to low intensity training: increased cardiac stroke volume, increased fat metabolism during exercise, and increased capillary and mitochondrial density. When we combine low intensity training with speed-focused workouts like strides, intervals and tempo runs you’ll get faster, fitter and more efficient over time. Whether you’re training for the demands of a specific race or building fitness between events, or just looking to improve your speed, our training will identify strengths, and address weaknesses to make you the best all-around athlete you can be. This balanced approach to training keeps athletes healthy and improving year after year while also having the confidence to dream big and go after big goals!

Goal Setting.

Our coaches will help you identify and set goals that are authentic, realistic, and promote long-term growth. Whether you want to race more competitively, or find a more sustainable source of motivation, our coaches will find out what makes YOU tick. We’ll help you break down your goals into small steps that prioritize fun and improvement along the way.


We work directly with our athletes to not only set goals, but develop a timeline for achieving those goals. This includes maximizing periods outside of training for specific goals to work on the fundamentals that make you a better runner and athlete. We believe in raising the floor, so when it’s time to train for your A race we not only have the foundation to handle the specific demands of training for your event, but the potential to raise the ceiling on race day. At Microcosm, we’re not just training runners and athletes for respecific events, we’re training and preparing them for a lifetime of fitness gains and successful goal outcomes.

1-Year Commitment.

We require a one-year commitment because our philosophy emphasizes growth over time and the importance of developing the coach-athlete relationship. Embracing the everyday process of becoming a better runner starts with small steps and so does developing the coach-athlete relationship. Our plans are designed to take into account athlete feedback, and our coaches are trained to pick up on patterns in habits, routine and behavior to help our athletes stay on track. These processes take time to develop and cultivate but yield the best results for our athletes. There are no tricks, tips, hacks or shortcuts. There are no substitutes for smart, dedicated and consistent work over months and years.