October 19, 2021

Success without Obsession

Driven individuals in a multitude of different disciplines often believe success is achieved by going ALL IN. By working obsessively and by pursuing one’s goals at all costs. Don’t get me wrong, grinding it out in training, life and business is a part of the path toward achieving one’s goals. But, the line between working hard and working obsessively can be fine for a lot of people and being on the wrong side of that line can lead to tough mental health outcomes, burnout and for athletes, injury.

I’d like to introduce to our team an alternative view to working like a maniac that doesn’t diminish the importance of hard work, grit and perseverance, but holds those things loosely while being grounded in positive self-talk, mindfulness and supportive habits.

This view encourages:

-rest and frequent breaks from challenging and stressful bouts of work.

-developing outlets for creativity outside of work and training

-avoid extremes in forming habits/routines and training approach

-less reliance on willpower and more reliance on solid routines to get through tough moments

-daily meditation and mindfulness practice

-development of strong inner coach/supportive inner dialogue

-perfection is the enemy of good, be good at showing up, but not attached to the outcomes over every work/training session

-A mastery approach to work and training creates the inner environment to be successful over time in the pursuit of your goals.

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Peak Performance by Steve Magness and Brad Stulberg, I’d highly recommend it as they go into the science and research behind this proven approach to sustainable success.

You are enough today, just how you are!

Own your training. Trust the process.

TJ & The Microcosm Team